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Welcome to Swim Stop, satisfying your needs of swimwear and equipment since 1998. Starting as a small shop in a leisure centre, we've grown and expanded into our own shop premises where we supply and advise all levels of swimmers. We are proud to offer a family of friendly staff all with a swimming background who have the knowledge to best advise you every step of the way.  We aim to be the one stop swim shop that has 'everything for the swimmer'. Our main strength is that we offer a fitting service, we fit goggles, swimming suits and racing costumes in our shop in Waterlooville. 

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Putty Buddies, 3 Pair Pack | Swim Stop
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Putty Buddies-3 Pair Packs

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Product Description

Putty Buddies® are soft, comfortable silicone ear plugs designed to cover the opening of the ear, avoiding the damage or irritation which can be caused by plugs that fit deeper in the ear canal.  Extra soft silicone means more comfort and better fit and the extra tacky texture keeps ear plugs in place for maximum effectiveness.

Individual pairs of Putty Buddies® come in their own carry case and are available in five bright color options as well as in clear.  

3 Pair Packs of Putty Buddies® come with one carry case and are available in Pink/Purple/Teal or Red/Yellow/Blue

Floating Putty Buddies® are just like Original Putty Buddies® but are made with a special patented Flo-Tek® silicone formula.  They float easily on water so they can always be found if dropped or dislodged.

Flo-Tek® is a revolutionary patented compound, consisting of microscopic acrylic bubbles to create a highly versatile and lightweight formula which floats in water... and they're just as soft, tacky and effective as the originals!

Individual pairs of Floating Putty Buddies® come in their own carry case and are available in five bright color options as well as in tan. 

3 Pair Packs of Floating Putty Buddies® come with one carry case and are available in Green/Yellow/Blue, Red/White/Blue and Tan.

For more information please refer back to the Putty Buddies® Home Page

Please note: For maximum effectiveness original and floating Putty Buddies® should be used with the Ear Band-it® or Ear Band-it® Ultra headband.

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